Our Story

What started out as an idea has now become a foundation that's actively making a change. 

It all started when our founder Krie visited Delancey Street Foundation where she realized that businesses CAN empower disadvantaged members of society. Inspired by Delancey, Krie established Messy Bessy initially as a way to empower sexually abused girls. Early on, we were able to start up our in-house high school diploma program. Since then we've had over 21 high school graduates! 

As years went by, Krie and our co-founder Marge learned that it takes more than just education to help young adults. Together, they spearheaded the design and execution of HOP (Helping Ourselves Program) - a holistic approach to empowering the young adults. 

In 2012, a (much needed) partnership with Manila Business College was formed. This solidified our education program and since then, we have been able to support over 50 college scholars and in 2015, we had our first college graduate! 

The fact that we have produced skilled and confident college graduates makes us believe that we have somehow cracked the code!  And because our mission is to help as many young adults we can the best way we can, we’ve spun off the HOUSE Foundation in an effort to encourage other businesses to do the same!